"Have you considered a career in IB?" The IBioIC team chat to new graduates about the world of opportunity.

This week the IBioIC CTP Delivery Team have been busy attending the Scottish Graduate Fair at the SECC. The fair is the biggest recruitment event in Scotland with approximately 100 exhibitors showcasing job and postgraduate study opportunities. The event was very well attended with students from all disciplines looking for their next move in their careers.

Our team directly chatted about careers and training opportunities in IB to over 220 students (lots of glasses of water required!) with interest from a wide range of backgrounds including biologists, chemists, pharmacologists, environmental scientists, chemical engineers and information technologist.

There was a great deal of interest in our PhD training scheme, in particular the structured training and industrial exposure component. The industrial placement aspect was especially appealing to students looking to leave education with industry relevant skills. It was clear that the students were not only looking for a project suited to their interests but were also looking for particular schemes that enhanced their employment prospects on completion.

To help guide students to our funded PhDs and to ensure universities get access to the widest pool of talent possible, for the next round of PhDs the IBioIC team will aim to ensure that individual university recruitment opportunities funded by our programme have links highlighted on the student opportunities area of our website.

All in all a very successful day and we hope that we opened up the prospect of a career and further training in Industrial Biotech to the new graduates.