The next industrial/academic cross-sector Workshop on the subject of Biofilm Engineering will take place on Tuesday April 30th (10:00 – 16:00) at the EICC, Edinburgh.

From 10:00-10:30 there will be coffee and networking, lunch and refreshments will also be provided and we will finish at 16:00

Please email nbic@biofilms.ac.uk to express your interest in participating in this workshop.

This will be an essential session for anyone in an industrial or academic setting with an interest in biofilms and exploiting an understanding of their uses at the interface with engineering and process applications and who is keen to meet others who share this interest. This event is open to all commercial/industrial concerns with an interest in the subject and to UK academics whose institution is either currently, or plans to be, a member of NBIC.

We will be discussing how to harness the benefits from knowledge of biofilm composition, function, ecology and evolution. This includes developing and improving engineered platforms and solutions e.g. wastewater, biotechnology, resource recovery from wastewater, microbial fuel cells, aerobic and anaerobic bio-refinery. The scope for this theme also includes precision tools for microbial community engineering using synthetic biology.

Copies of the report on our first workshop (Biofilm Detection) are available on request.