BBNet are holding a two-day sandpit workshop to bring together individuals from academia and industry to form teams to develop new research ideas for the production of sustainable bio-based materials.

These ideas will subsequently be put forward to the BBNet Management Board, to be considered for invitation to submit full proposals for proof of concept funding (up to £50K per project).

BBNet is focussing this sandpit workshop on the development of sustainable bio-based materials derived from waste biomass, other bio-based residues and non-food biomass. Concerns over climate change and broader areas of sustainability are making fossil-derived products less attractive. The petrochemicals sector currently provides most of the fuels, chemicals and materials used in our society. Despite their clear economic and practical benefits, such products carry a high price in terms of net greenhouse gas emission, and environmental degradation. We are particularly interested in the development of more sustainable plastics, fibres and textiles, which have greater environmental sustainability compared to current equivalents. Environmental sustainability, involves consideration of the whole life cycle of materials from production to end-of-life.  End of life is an important consideration, especially for plastics and other materials, which are known to cause environmental problems. Therefore, reusability, recycling and biodegradability of the materials are important considerations for this call.

Attendance and accommodation is free of charge. Attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses. There are a limited number of places available for this workshop,  and your place will be confirmed a week after the registration deadline. You must be a BBNet member to attend this workshop. Join BBNet and register.

When: 9-10 October 2019

Where: The Park Inn by Radisson, York (

Registration for workshop deadline: 13th September 2019