In Year 3, students will further develop their skills with a view to preparing for employment post PhD. In addition, the training programme will aim to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and to develop the student’s commercial skills.  

Compulsory training

Practical Research Training (Advanced)

IBioIC will work with the academic supervisor and student to identify priority areas for advanced training relevant to the project. Where available, the training will be delivered by the host university. Where there is a need identified for training that is not delivered at the host university, IBioIC will aim to match the student with a suitable provider through our academic or industrial partners.

Interdisciplinary Training

Every year, students will partake in an interdisciplinary session to increase their level of awareness across the sector. This may include, for example, supply chain management, company roles awareness or interaction with a complimentary cohort.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial skills are acknowledged as a key gap in students training at a national level. As a result, IBioIC will provide an intensive 2-3 day course in this area directly relevant to the IB industry.

Optional training

Core IB Technical Skills: Synthetic Biology; Fermentation; Systems Biology; Biofuels; Resource efficient formulation , Downstream processing, Blue Biotechnology; Renewable energy technologies, Process scale up; Introduction to Scientific Programming

IBioIC will work with students and supervisors to identify gaps in technical knowledge. We will then look to identify a suitable training provider at the host university, form within IBioICs modular MSc course or through industry contacts.